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Martial arts star Jet Li has denied rumours saying that he has lost his ability to walk.
As reported on Epoch Times, the actor, who recently attended a Beijing charity event looking as healthy as ever, stated, “Today, I read an online report saying that I am now in a wheelchair due to an illness. It said that I worked hard to make money in the past and now I am working hard to treat my illness.”

Jet stated that the report must have misunderstood a statement he made during a speech at a university recently, when he told the students about a doctor’s advice in the past.

“Back in 2000, a doctor warned me that I may be in the risk of being wheelchair-bound in old age due to my leg injury,” he clarified.
Jet stated that the only health issue he is currently facing is hypothyroidism.
Jet also explained the reason why he hasn’t been acting for quite some time, saying that he would like to help cultivate new talents instead.
(Photo source: ew.com)