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In less than one week, pop star Selena Gomez is slated to perform in Malaysia as part of her “Revival Tour”, however, PAS Youth seems to object to the idea of the 23-year-old staging her concert in the country as they deem the singer to be too “sexy”, and her presence would disgrace the holy month of Syawal.

“The presence of the American-born singer, who is synonymous with sexy appearances, would tarnish the sanctity of the month of Syawal which is being celebrated in earnest and further stoke the hedonistic culture among the country’s youths,” said Dakwah committee chairman Hafez Sabri in a statement as quoted by The Star.

The singer is the Queen of Instagram, having the most followers and most-liked picture on the photo-sharing platform.
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He also stated that he is disappointed that the local authorities had given approval to the local organiser to hold the concert, and he also urged the Selangor Islamic Religious Council (MAIS) to issue an official letter to protest against the concert.

“It is a priority and the responsibility of PAS Youth to ensure that there are no elements which can destroy the younger generation. Hence, we are committed to opposing such a concert,” he said.
Selena Gomez is hardly the first artiste in the country to get protested by conservative Islamic parties.

Other performers who were previously objected to perform in Malaysia include the Pussycat Dolls, Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani, Beyoncé, Adam Lambert and Kesha.

Hopefully, all will be well and Selena Gomez’s concert in Malaysia will go on as planned next Monday, 25 July 2016 at the Malawati Indoor Arena, Shah Alam.