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Pokémon Go fever is still going strong today, but many fans – especially those in Asia – are questioning why it hasn’t it been released in Asia yet.

Like seriously, Pokémon is from Japan, if anything, it should be launched in Asia first!

Anyway, looks like Asian fans won’t have to worry or be angry no more as the game / mobile app is reportedly set to be launched in the region “within a few days” according to The Wall Street Journal as cited by The Verge.

Though we can’t confirm on this as there has been no official comment on this by the game developers as of yet.

Many game experts predicted that the game will be released around 24 hours from now, and according to Pokémon Go Asia WordPress, it is because:-

  1. The iOS App Store refreshes every Thursdays globally, indicating an opportune time to release in both iOS and Android stores.
  2. Servers have been strengthening the past few days, increasing load capacity.
  3. Stronger and lesser reports of glitches happening, signalling an imminent release of the game in Asia.
  4. “People Familiar with the Plans of The Game” stating that its release is imminent.  – 11th July 2016
  5. Windows of servers opening within Asia, from 30 minutes to 2 Hours. 10th – 11th July 2016

So get ready catch some Pokémons y’all, but be careful not to be too obsessed with it, because you don’t want to get hurt!

(Photo source: mdzol.com)