Veteran actress Helena Law Lan has won the Most Popular Actress in a Commercial at the recent TVB Commercial Awards.

As reported on Mingpao, the 81-year-old star, who won for her Ocean Park Halloween Festival 2015 commercial that features her in a Michael Jackson style wardrobe as she dances around zombies, expresses her happiness with the award.

“No matter if it’s for television, film, or even advertising, I was able to win due to the teamwork of the whole production,” she added.
This is not the first time Helena won such an award. When asked if she can now be dubbed the Queen of Commercial and increase her price, she laughed and responded, “I understand the economic situation, so I will just maintain my price. The most important thing is to work with a team that will make you happy.”
When asked what kind of commercials she would like to make in the future, Helena responded, “I’m interested in cosmetics, but not cosmetic procedures.”
The commercial also won Hall of Fame Award and Top Television Ads award.
Meanwhile, singer Ram Chiang won Best Actor for his work in the McDonald’s Big Mac commercial.