GEM Tang has denied rumours saying that she had a falling-out with Korean rapper and music producer PSY while working together on the EDM version of Beyond’s “Like You”.

As reported on ET Today, previously, tabloids reported that GEM and PSY, the latter who was tasked to rearrange and produce the song, were in disagreement over the song selection and the recording.

Instead of using the same music arrangements, both performers reportedly chose their own version and refused to communicate with each other.
As a result, the new version received negative criticisms by Netizens, who accused the singer of destroying the song.
However, when asked to address rumours of discord with PSY, GEM laughed and responded, “There was no misunderstanding. [PSY and I] have talked in private and he was surprised upon hearing it. I don’t even know how these rumours even started. We just laugh and dismiss it.”
The singer has also recently released the Chinese version of Big Bang Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips”.
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