TVB actress Eliza Sam is excited that her movie, “Special Female Force”, finally gets its release date.
According to On CC News, the actress, who made her movie debut through the Wilson Chin production, stated that she was really hoping that the movie will get released soon, after it was reported that the censorship board was not very keen with some of the gory scenes depicted in the film.

“I kept asking when it will be released. We all have worked hard in the film. The cast members became close friends since working together,” she enthused.

Eliza also admitted that she was not surprised by the censorship issue since the movie was “full of action scenes”. The actress also disclosed that most of the cast members, herself included, did most of the stunts themselves.
On the other hand, Shirley Yeung, whose scene was revealed to be some of those that will be removed from the final product, stated that she was a bit saddened about it.
“I really don’t want any of it to be cut, becauuse I really worked hard,” she said.
(Photo source: news.now.com)