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When we talk about celebrity twins, the famous ones that never fail to pop up in conversations are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Tia and Tamera Mowry, James and Oliver Phelps, and Dylan and Cole Sprouse.

But did you know that Scarlett Johansson, Gisele Bundchen and Linda Hamilton too have twin siblings?

Some of you may not know this, but there are several other famous celebrities who are actually part of a pair!

Talk about doubling up the hotness! Check them out below.

1. Gisele and Patricia Bundchen

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Gisele is the older twin who was born five minutes earlier than her fraternal twin sister Patricia. Though Patricia might not be a supermodel like her twin sister, she is just as equally as beautiful as Gisele. Despite being fraternal twins, Gisele and Patricia still look very alike, except that Gisele is much taller. The two of them have four other sisters namely Raquel, Graziela, Gabriela and Rafaela.

2. Jason and Jeremy London 

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Not only are they identical in looks, but also their police records! Both of them are actors but Jason is more of a movie actor while Jeremy has starred in a lot of television series. Jason is most known for his role as Randall “Pink” Floyd in “Dazed and Confused”, Jeremy on the other hand, is best known for his regular TV roles in “Party of Five” and “7th Heaven”. Also, rumour has it that the brothers don’t get along with each other.

3. Jon and Dan Heder 

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Who knew that this hilarious “Napolean Dynamite” actor has an identical twin brother named Dan? The two of them have a production company together called Greasy Entertainment where Dan is in charge of the visual effects behind the scenes. In an interview on the “Late Show with David Letterman” in 2009, Jon admitted that he and his brother were always pranking others by pretending to be each other.

4. Shawn and Aaron Ashmore 

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It is really hard telling these two brothers apart as they look completely identical! Aaron and Shawn are both actors who have worked both together and separately. They both starred in “Smallville” where Aaron played the leading role while Shawn made a cameo. Initially Aaron was the more popular twin out of the pair, but Shawn gained prominence after starring in the “X-Men” series as Iceman.

5. Siva and Kumar Kaneswaran

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If you are a huge fan of Siva from the former British boyband The Wanted, you would be happy to know that he has an equally handsome twin brother who looks just like him! Not only that, turns out that the brother is very cheeky as he always fools Siva’s fans by pretending to be him.

6. Scarlett and Hunter Johansson 

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“Avengers” star Scarlett is three minutes older than her fraternal twin, Hunter. They may not look exactly identical – given the fact that Scarlett is always wearing make-up and is a woman – but when you see them both together, you know that they are siblings due to some features’ similarity.  While Hunter may not be a huge movie star, he had appeared alongside his sister in the movie “Manny & Lo”.

7. Linda and Leslie Hamilton 

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Leslie is the identical twin sister of “Terminator” actress Linda Hamilton. Though Leslie works as a nurse, she stood-in for her sister multiple times and served as her body double during the filming of the “Terminator” movies.

8. Tasha and Sidra Smith 

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Tasha Smith is most notably known for her role in “Why Did I Get Married?” (2007) and “Why Did I Get Married Too?” (2010). Not many people know this, but the actress actually has an identical twin sister named Sidra, who also works in the film and entertainment industry as director and producer for several movies and television programmes.

9. Nicholas Brendon and Kelly Donovan 

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Most of us know Nicholas Brendon for his role as Xander Harris on the television series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, but not many people know that his less-famous identical twin brother Kelly Donovan acted as a stand-in for him during two episodes of the show!

10. Rami and Sami Malek 

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Known for playing the lead role as Elliot Alderson in the TV series, “Mr Robot” and also as King Ahkmenrah in the “Night at the Museum” trilogy, Rami Malek has a four-minute younger low-profile twin brother named Sami. Sami is a school teacher who has been teaching for 13 years and he is often mistaken for his brother Rami.