Taiwanese TV personality Dee Hsu admitted that she is similar to the character Dory in Disney-Pixar animated feature, “Finding Dory”, as she has a tendency to forget things.

As reported on Epoch Times, Dee, who lend her voice in the Chinese dub of the animated movie, said that she is forgetful, irritable and vulnerable, much like the blue tang fish originally voiced by Ellen DeGeneres.

“Once, my sister [Barbie Hsu] and I were hanging out at a café and we decided to go home and continue our conversation there,” she shared.
Dee said she rose from her seat and asked Barbie to hurry up. The latter looked surprised and asked her if she was sure to leave.
“I replied, “Why else?”. Barbie then pointed to the stroller next to the seat and asked, “Don’t you want to take your daughter too?”. I realised that I almost left my baby at the café,” she said.
Meanwhile, Dee shared that dubbing for Dory was a challenge, since the character talks quite fast. However, she admitted that she was happy with the opportunity, especially when her children can watch the movie with her.
The TV personality has also recently held a special screening of the animated feature with the Make-a-Wish Foundation children and their families.
(Photo source: cqdst.com)