Benz Hui’s character Foon Hei seemed to have risen up from the grave in the movie adaptation, “Line Walker”, when he supposedly has died in the original TVB version.

As reported on HK Channel, discussions about Foon Hei’s return sparked after the character appeared at the end of the movie trailer, with his back turned against the camera, saying “Long time no see”. He then turned around with a gun in his hand, and asked, “Miss me?”

The actor recently revealed that the new movie will explain how his character was able to come back to life.
“I didn’t die, but I will kill [Charmaine Sheh’s character] Ting. In order to save her, I had to kill her. If you want to know why, watch the movie!” said the actor.
Back when the original series aired, the character of triad leader Foon Hei was so well liked by the audience that Benz was soon nicknamed “Foon Hei Gor”. He even won My Favourite TV character at both the TVB Anniversary Awards and the Star Awards Malaysia back in 2014 and in Malaysia, and Supporting Actor accolade at the StarHub’s TVB Awards in Singapore.
Directed by Jazz Boon, the movie follows Charmaine’s Ting Siu Ka in her search of another missing undercover agent. The movie introduces new characters – Ting’s handler Q Sir, played by Francis Ng; drug dealer Lam (Nick Cheung); and Lam’s drug ring member Siu Yeh (Louis Koo).
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