Benny Chan and Lisa Jiang shocked fans when they decided to share one of the most intimate parts of their relationship with the public.

As reported on On CC, the actor and wife recently shared a series of photos on their fourth daughter’s 100th day, and wrote, “Today is Hei Man’s 100th day. It must have been tiring for mummy.”

Although Netizens praised some of the photos where Benny was seen washing his then pregnant wife’s hair, and kissing her belly, they were totally flabbergasted with one photo showing Benny trimming his wife’s pubic hair.
When asked about the photos, Lisa explained, “Every woman needs the trim before giving birth. Most people usually ask the nurse for help. When I was giving birth to my youngest child, Benny helped me instead. He really is a good father.”
Lisa stressed that trimming pubic hair is not a big issue since it’s a common thing done by pregnant women.
Benny also defended his decision to post the photos, saying that they were just reminding those who are about to give birth to prepare themselves. 
“I wasn’t trying to attract attention to myself, I just took those pictures for memories,” he said.
On the other hand, when asked if he would do the same for wife Aimee Chan what Benny did for Lisa, actor Moses Chan, who attended a promotional event recently, said, “From the point of view of the husband, it is surely a sweet gesture. But I don’t think that the photos are suited for the public. It should have been left in private.” 
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