If you’re planning to go on a holiday, and especially if its somewhere in Asia, well we have some hotels to recommend to you – that is if you’re looking for some excitement during your trip because the hotels we’re recommending are Asia’s most haunted hotels of all time!

As most know, Asia is famous for having some of the creepiest ghost stories ever, though it’s not very surprising since we also have some of the scariest horror movies too!

So if you’re into supernatural stuff and you want to find out whether these scary hotels are really as what they are described to be, then you are welcome to stay there during your visit.

But if you’re a huge scaredy-cat, then we suggest you steer clear of these hotels for your own sake!

1. First World Hotel, Genting Highlands, Malaysia

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(Photo source: hotels.com)

Not just the First World Hotel, Genting Highlands itself is one of the most haunted places in Malaysia as there are plenty of famous ghost stories related to that place thanks to previous devastating landslides and road accidents. Numerous paranormal incidents have been reported at the hotel, and since it’s a casino resort, there are also a lot of gambling-related suicides that have taken place over the years. Reports have also said that the hotel’s entire 21st floor is completely haunted as the lift never stops at that floor.

2. Hotel Pelabuhan Ratu, Indonesia

(Photo source: chickgeek.org)

The hotel has a belief that Nyai Loro Kidul, who is the Goddess of the South Seas, have been keeping the hotel’s room 308 for herself. According to the legend, Nyai Loro Kidul lures fishermen to her love nest at the bottom of the ocean and whisks away anyone who dares to venture into the sea wearing green. That is why swimmers are warned not to wear green and not to swim in the ocean, because if drowning occurs, you know why.

3. First Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

First Hotel Bangkok Thailand AspirantSG
(Photo source: aspirantsg.com)

Located near the MBK shopping mall, numerous reports have claimed that there have been plenty of ghostly sightings at the hotel. It is also said that a huge fire had engulfed parts of the hotel in the 80’s, causing the deaths of many including a Singaporean singer by the name of Shi Ni.

4. Yu Shan Fan Dian, Chengde, China

(Photo source: stuff.tv)

The hotel has 220 rooms and is believed to be haunted by the Empress Dowager Cixi. This is because, part of this hotel used to be the Qing Dynasty’s gardens, so there have been plenty of sightings of the Empress wandering along the corridor of the 8th floor and tending her beloved gardens.

5. Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City, Philippines

(Photo source: cityofpines.com)

This hotel is notorious for being haunted by headless figures. Some visitors have reported that the headless ghosts will wander around the corridors holding platters of their severed heads on it. This hotel is definitely the perfect place for paranormal hunters. Don’t you think? Also, you can no longer book a room in this hotel as it is abandon, but seriously, who would want to?

6. Asia Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

(Photo source: asiatraveltips.com)

Asia Hotel is probably one of the creepiest one of all thanks to its dimly lit lighting as well as its old and musty rooms. Several occupants have reported of being touched while sleeping, seeing suspicious apparitions while going to the bathrooms or hearing wailing and crying from some of the rooms.

7. Tambun Inn, Ipoh, Malaysia

tambun inn
(Photo source: tripadvisor.com)

Some of the spooky events that occur at Tambun Inn includes the lights turning on and off, disturbing whispers or screams from certain rooms, and also sightings of an elderly woman figure wandering around in the hotel during the middle of the night.

8. Akasaka Weekly Mansion, Tokyo, Japan

akasaka weekly mansion apartments
(Photo source: mylostintranslation.com)

One of the most haunted places in Japan is definitely the Akasaka Weekly Mansion. According to some residents, there have been sightings of strange apparitions standing at the end of their bed, white mist flowing out of the air vents, lights and appliances being turned on by themselves and being stroked whilst sleeping.

9. Buma Inn, Beijing, China

(Photo source: metroparkhotels.com)

The place is famous for a certain paranormal creature called the Berserker. According to folk tales, the inn is haunted by a revenge-seeking spirit which used to be a guest in the inn but died after being poisoned by the chef of the inn. Although the chef committed suicide afterwards, the terror is far from over. The vengeful spirit is still wandering the halls of the hotel in search for the chef who murdered him.