Apparently, Malaysians are not the only ones excited for Raya!

Tomás Ford, an Australian alternative cabaret showman recently gained fame in Malaysia through his cover of Rihanna’s “Work” – but in Malay language!

After gaining many Malaysian fans, Tomás decided to dedicate a special Raya song about ketupat, using Black Eyed Peas song, “I Gotta Feeling”.

“Selamat hari raya, Malaysia! After I covered her version of “Kerja,” I worked with ZE REBELLE on a new cover. I’m pretty sure my pronunciation is as good as my terrible cooking skills. Hope it gives you a laugh,” Tomás wrote on his Facebook.

Tomás started to have interests in Malaysia after working with ZE REBELLE, a Malaysian electro artiste, on a song titled “’Till Death Do Us Part”.

ZE REBELLE is the one who has been writing the Malay lyrics of popular songs covered by Tomás.

Though Tomás is not very fluent in Malay language, he admits that he is still learning.

“I’ve been slowly starting to learn Malay myself (to be honest, I am at the “numbers and colours” stage of language learning but having so much fun) and making plans to make a new show to bring to you. So hopefully we’ll get to meet this year!”