Now that the Miss Hong Kong pageant is invaded by brainy beauties, other pageant hopefuls decided to try their luck at the alternative competition instead, ViuTV’s “The Queen of D.n.A”, as reported on On CC News.

This was admitted by some of the applicants, including 22-year-old former student of Hang Seng Management College, Natalie Fong, who stated that she would not have passed the requirements set by Miss Hong Kong pageant.

“I don’t have a high academic background and I am not that tall either. That’s why I decided to audition for this programme instead,” she said.
24-year-old model Charlotte Cheung added that the lack of age restriction is also a good thing for other hopefuls, who may have not passed the eligibility of Miss Hong Kong.
“The Queen of DNA” has recently started its first round of interviews. Calling itself “a beauty pageant with a twist”, the show is determined to find the most unique beauty, no matter what age they are.
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