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Who knew that the first Malaysian YouTube channel to hit ONE million subscribers would be a relatively unknown channel called CartoonHooligans?

When one thinks of popular Malaysian YouTubers or YouTube channels, the names that will come to our minds would probably be JinnyBoyTV, Namewee, or Les’ Copaque Production, but even these guys haven’t come close to a million yet.

CartoonHooligans now has 997,592 subscribers and counting, and is set to reach one million very soon!

Created by a cartoonist from Sungai Petani, Kedah named Bram Lee, the channel features videos of short cartoon animation and parodies of famous superheroes and comic book characters.

bram lee
(Photo source: rage.com.my)

His most successful video so far is “Dragon Ball Z VS Marvel Superheroes” which has over 38 million views.

Most of his videos contains weird and quirky adult humour centered around cartoon characters, and this probably attracted the otakus around the world.

“My audiences are mostly from the United States, Britain, Mexico, Brazil and France. The age group is around 18 to 35, mostly male,” Lee said to R.AGE.

Lee only has 36 videos on his channel so far, but he has reached almost a million subscribers thanks to those videos.


Lee explained that he had spent quite an amount of time for each of his videos and he believes that the good quality of his videos is what attracted others to subscribe to his channel.

“Most of them take around two to four weeks to complete, and videos with fight scenes take around two months!”

For now, Lee is only creating animated parody videos, but he plans on introducing his original animated series or characters in the future.