Chinese animated feature director Zhuo Jianrong has recently fired back at Disney and Pixar following the two companies’ decision to sue him for plagiarism.

As reported on Liberty Times News, Zhuo, who is facing copyright suit for injecting the style and feel of Disney-Pixar’s “Cars” and its sequel into his own animated feature film, “The Autobots”, accused the two companies of affecting his movie’s box office result.

“My film is an independent creation. There is no such thing as plagiarism,” he said on Weibo.
He made his own counterclaim against the two companies, saying that the negative media coverage that they have caused has severely impacted “The Autobots” at the movies, and has tarnished Zhuo’s own reputation.
In addition, Zhuo also called for his countrymen ‘to not be fooled’ by the ‘outside forces’, saying, “Do not let the new forces invade China. Everybody has the responsibility to protect their own country. I believe in China. Believe in yourself.”
“The Autobots” was critically panned when it was released in cinemas. More than 94 percent of moviegoers gave the film only one star, and criticised the movie for not making any sense.
Disney and Pixar are demanding USD 601,000 in compensation.