Now that they have become the biggest winner at the recently held Golden Melody Awards, Sodagreen has decided instead to go on a three-year break.

As reported on CNA News, the announcement shocked many fans when it was first revealed by the band’s manager at the celebration party held after the GMA. According to the group, they have decided to take a rest after ten years working in the industry.

However, the group’s company, Willin Music, assured that the break will be good for Sodagreen. 
“Everybody has their own reason for the break. They will do their own individual work and then regroup for the better,” said the manager.
The company also has given the green light for the members to develop their own careers during the three-year break.
“For example, [keyboardist and violinist] Zephyr wants to work with German conductor Bernd Ruf, so he would like to stay longer in Berlin to do so.”
Meanwhile, bassist Claire expressed interest to travel around the world, while drummer Wei hopes to spend more time at home with his children.  
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