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So many weird things happened yesterday, from the shock of discovering Taylor Swift kissing Tom Hiddleston, to a runaway ostrich on the KL Federal Highway in Malaysia!

If you haven’t heard (which would be pretty impossible), yesterday evening videos of an ostrich named Chickaboo had been being going viral on social media platforms, especially Facebook.

Many were shocked at the sight of the bird sprinting on the highway, which seems like a scene out from a movie, where the odd situation had caused quite a stir among the drivers and motorcyclists on the highway.

Turns out, Chickaboo was actually being transported by Darren Chow – the owner of the ostrich – back to its farm, but while in the car the ostrich escaped by jumping out of the car window.

“We normally leave the window open for her during transport and it’s (usually) fine, but (Chickaboo) decided to jump out,” said Chow as to Channel News Asia.

While Chickaboo is now safe and sound in its farm in Semenyih, the internet have started to get really creative with plenty of memes, jokes and branding inspired by the ostrich!

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Thank god!
(Photo source: Joe Vivek’s Facebook)

Many brands are taking advantage of this viral situation and are using it to promote their products, while some internet users created memes and jokes about the giant bird!

Check them out!

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Well played, Huawei, well played!
(Photo source: Huawei Mobile MY’s Facebook)

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So that’s why!
(Photo source: Digi’s Facebook)

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Save on petrol!
(Photo source: MGAG’s Facebook)

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Can you see the bird?
(Photo source:Optical 88’s Facebook)

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The Muslims better remember to pay their zakat!
(Photo source: Pusat Pungutan Zakat’s Facebook)

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Someone, please show this poor bird the way!
(Photo source: The Beer Factory’s Facebook)

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Why take car when you can ride an ostrich?
(Photo source: MGAG’s Facebook)

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So the bird is not delivering pizza?
(Photo source: Domino’s Pizza Malaysia’s Facebook)

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Thank you, indeed!
(Photo source: Kilkenny Malaysia’s Facebook)
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Sale at Lulu!
(Photo source: Lulugift.com’s Facebook)

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Malaysia’s new celebrity!
(Photo source: Tripgroupe.com’s Facebook)

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The first “THE” is a typo, supposed to be “THIS”.
(Photo source: Gajen’s Facebook)

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Ostrich delivery!
(Photo source: ezbuy Malaysia – 65daigou’s Facebook)