Redfoo, the man with a funky afro, oversized glasses and smooth shuffling moves had recently dropped by Malaysia for the annual Red Party at PLAY Club along with his loyal and talented Party Rock Crew.

Real name Stefan Kendal Gordy, Redfoo is best known as one half of the former musical duo LMFAO along with his nephew Sky Blu where they released a slew of number one hits including “Party Rock Anthem”, “Sexy & I Know It” and “Sorry for Party Rocking”.

In mid-March, Redfoo released his debut solo album, “Party Rock Mansion” which already has several chart-topping singles like “New Thang”, “Juicy Wiggle” and “Lights Out”.

“The new album, “Party Rock Mansion” is a really diverse album. It has a lot of party tunes, it has a ballet, and there are songs I wrote when I was together with a girl and songs I wrote when I was single – it has a lot of different flavours and it’s a real personal album, and it took me two years to make it,” Redfoo told the TheHive.Asia.

Despite being labelled as an EDM and hip hop artiste, Redfoo’s first solo album is diversified with various musical genres including ballet, blues, rock ‘n roll and more.

“When I started making music, I never even knew that there were genres. To me, it’s just music and the stuff that I listened to. I grew up listening to a lot of Michael Jackson – “Thriller” is one of my favourite albums, I also listened to jazz, R&B, hip hop and of course, motown,” said the 40-year-old singer.

Redfoo together with Roen Cian (Left), Director of The Roof and Dax Lee (Right), CEO of The Roof.

“I was always into hip hop which always had a slower tempo, and then I got into EDM. Though it was called EDM, to me it was only faster music, and the tempo was like 128 BPM. Then I learned that with that tempo you can create any kind of music like jazz and disco,” he continued.

“So when I make a song, I kind of just groove and make the melody, and then the melody kind of finds itself into some kind of a genre.”

“For example, if you really listen closely to “Party Rock Anthem’s” music, it is actually jazz because it has swing music in it, but everyone calls it EDM because of the heavy beats that come along with it,” Redfoo explained during the press conference of the Red Party which took place a day before the main event.

Putting on a great show last Thursday, 2 June 2016, the club was packed with red-clad partygoers and the event was kicked off by local talents MC Noixe accompanied by DJ Kino Takamura who was in charge of spinning tunes.

The local DJs kept the audience all hyped up by playing several mainstream hits and then the DJs from the Party Rock Crew came on stage to play a few songs before the main attraction himself graced the crowd.

Around 1.30am in the morning, Redfoo finally kicked off the event with “Keep Shining”, the song which serves as a follow up to LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem”.

Throughout the night, Redfoo continued to amp up the atmosphere with some of his top hits including “New Thang”, “Juicy Wiggle” and also several of LMFAO’s songs like “Sexy & I Know It” and “Party Rock Anthem”!

After playing for almost 2 hours, Redfoo and his Party Rock Crew rocked the Red Party until almost 3am and called it a night!

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