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The Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) has announced in a statement that they have officially revoked Rayani Air’s license on Monday, 13 June 2016.

The country’s first Sharia-Compliant airline had been suspended for three months after failing to adhere to aviation regulations.

MAVCOM cited that the airline had breached the conditions of its Air Services Licence (ASL) and lacks the financial and management capacity to continue operating.

“As a consequence, Rayani Air can no longer operate as a commercial airline with effect from today,” read a statement provided by MAVCOM.

MAVCOM demanded for Rayani Air to provide a representation in writing to defend the airline to continue operations, but since the representations made by Rayani Air are not satisfactory responses, MAVCOM had decided to revoke the ASL.

Nevertheless, Rayani Air also released a statement on its Facebook page, saying that the airline will appeal to authorities for a “second chance for new investor to revive and manage the airline.”

“The revocations came at the peak of our negotiations with investors for the acquisition of equity in Rayani Air in realization that the present owners and their management are no longer fit to revive the airline,” said Ravi Alegandrran Owner and CEO of Rayani Air Sdn Bhd.

“The qualified and strong management team of the new investors would revive and manage the airline much better than us,” he added.

Rayani Air is still liable to refund its customers.

“Customers who have purchased tickets with Rayani Air but were not able go on their journey may lodge a complaint with the company and seek a refund. In the event consumers are not able to obtain their refunds, consumers can file a civil suit for those refunds,” read the statement on MAVCOM.