Chinese singer Luhan has released a statement to explain the clip of him yelling at a taxi driver that turned viral recently, as reported on Epoch Times.

In the clip that has been recorded by the passengers and downloaded on YouTube, the singer was seen having a verbal altercation with the taxi driver, and demanding for him to leave, while the driver responded, “I am not going to leave!”

Following the release of the video, Luhan’s studio decided to clarify the situation with their own version of the issue.
According to the statement released on 27 June, the studio shared that back on 4 May, four female fans had called a taxi and trailed Luhan’s car around, while yelling for the singer to stop his car.
On 19 June, the same girls, albeit only three of them this time around, were seen chasing after him again while Luhan was filming in Hengdian. It was mentioned that the girls were behaving erratically and causing danger to other drivers on the road.
Luhan’s studio stated that the singer and his fans have spoken out against such acts numerous times, but similar incidents have continued to happen. Instead of changing their ways, the studio claimed that the girls deliberately uploaded the clips online.
The studio concluded the statement by saying that they will consider asking for the police’s help and apply the relevant judicial assistance to defend their rights, if similar incidents continue to occur.
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