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Lollipop F member Liu Jun Wei, known to many as A-Wei or Wayne, recently announced that he is set to marry his girlfriend of four years, Dou Dou, in July.

As reported on Mingpao News, the Taiwanese singer, who became the first member of the group to settle down, revealed that the wedding will be held on 22 July, and will be attended by family and close friends.

His fellow Lollipop F friends, Fabien and William, will be part of the grooms’ party, aside from good friend Kenji Wu. There is also a chance fellow member Owodog, who was previously involved in a conflict with their manager, will be attending as well.
According to sources, A-Wei and his girlfriend were introduced to each other by Fabien, who studied in the same school with the latter.
Members of the group, who previously said that they will send gifts of NTD100,000 to the first member who get married, will also keep their promise, although Fabien jokingly said that he has asked for a waiver since he was the matchmaker.
A-Wei also took to Instagram recently, and expressed, “Thank you for all your blessings. We are very happy. We hope that in future, we will continue our journey together.”
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