Less than two weeks more to go before Hari Raya, and everyone is getting excited for the celebration!

Every year, there will always be new Raya songs released, whether they are covers of old evergreen songs or something that are completely new and original!

And it is our job to recommend some of the new songs for you to listen to during your balik kampung journey!

From dangdut to ballad and rock, we sure have quite a range of genre for this year’s Raya.

Check them out!

1) Khalifah – “Hang Pi Raya”

2) Siti Nurhaliza – “Hari Kemenangan”

3) Sepahtu Sinar – “Raya Sedondon”

4) Wawan Husen ft. Ahn Yasin & Lefttool – “Bestnyer Hari Raya”

5) Jes Ebrahim, Hafiz, Mohaid, Harris, ROHI, Nik Qistina, Feeya, Erul, Azeera – “Raikan Raya”

6) Shuib Sepahtu & Mark Adam – “Indahnya Lebaran Raya”

7) Inteam, Hijjaz, Raihan, Rabbani, Fareast, Lah Ahmad – “Tahmid Lebaran”

8) E.Y.E – “Hari Raya Hari Mulia”

9) Noraniza Idris and friends – “Angin Cinta Di AidilFitri”

10) Man Khan ft Aris Kapilla – “Kelik La Wei”

(Photo sources: papaglamz.com, mstar.com.my, asamboi.my)

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