“We are all Denise Ho” – that was the message displayed on a large banner held by protesters outside a Lancome store in Times Square, Causeway Bay on 8 June.

The gathering was held following the recent controversy surrounding the company’s decision to cancel a concert the aforementioned Hong Kong singer was asked to perform previously.

As reported on Hong Kong Free Press, although the singer herself didn’t attend the protest, which was headed by several pro-democracy proponents, including Avery Ng, the Chairman of the pro-democracy League of Social Democrats Party, and Gary Fan of the Neo Democrats, she extended her gratitude to those who made it to the event.
Lawmaker Leung Kwok Hung stated, “This matter is not [Denise’s] personal matter, and not the company’s matter anymore – it is white terror. She hopes everyone will keep fighting, otherwise people will all live in fear.”
Among the complaints received at the protests stated that the French brand is not upholding the French qualities of liberty, equality, and fraternity by prioritising profit above others.
They also urged an international boycott against the brand, as well as other brands under the parent company, L’Oreal, until it gives a full apology and explanation as to why it cancelled the event, which was supposed to be held on 19 June.
The issue started earlier this week, when Lancome was blasted by pro-Beijing supporters for hiring Denise, a fervent supporter of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement and the Tibetan independence, to perform at its promotional concert.
Following threats of boycotts from mainlanders, the company decided not to hold the concert at all, citing ‘public safety’ as the reason for its cancellation.
(Photo source: Getty Images | Anthony Wallace)