The second arbitration meeting between K-pop giant SM Entertainment and its two former EXO members, Kris Wu and Luhan, held recently has been considered a failure.

As reported on Asia Starz, the second meeting, which took place at the Seoul Central District Court on 13 June, lasted only one and a half hour before both parties decided to leave without reaching any settlement.

Kris and Luhan’s legal reps were tight-lipped about the points discussed during the arbitration, saying that they will not be making any comments since the case is still ongoing.
The first arbitration meeting was held back in September 2015. During the session, the court recommended that SM Entertainment change the two singers’ decade-long contract to seven years and for Kris and Luhan to pick a third person to manage their career. 
However, the company refused to agree with the recommendation.
Kris and Luhan filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment back in May 2014 and October 2014, respectively, alleging that the company has violated their individual rights through the lengthy contract. The two Chinese members of the group also claimed that they were treated differently from their Korean counterpart by the management.