After successfully establishing his own record label, FU Music, Hong Kong singer Khalil Fong is set to release his new album, “JTW Journey to the West”.

According to Mingpao News, the singer released the first teaser photo from his new album on Facebook recently – a full-face shot of his face, where the left side of his face was touched up to look like Sun Wukong.

Khalil stated that as a child growing up in China after leaving Hawaii, his mother would put him to bed by telling him the stories from “Journey to the West”. He also admitted that his favourite cartoon was also based on the aforementioned story.
He revealed that the new album took him two years to prepare. It had its KKBOX launch on 2 June.
The singer previously announced the establishment of his independent label, FU Music, following his departure from Warner Music and his one-year stint with Gold Typhoon.
“FU is a long-term project,” said Khalil. “I want it to be a multicultural experience, but at its core, it’s a fusion of Chinese and Western culture.”
The singer also said that FU Music will practice quality and high production standards and that it will be a place where artistes can be free to do music.
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