TVB actress Kelly Cheung denied that she has undergone cosmetic procedures in the past.
As reported on On CC, rumours of the actress’ supposed plastic surgery sparked recently, after an Instagram user posted an old photo of her looking quite different than her current appearance.

While Kelly now has a slimmer elongated V-shaped face, her old photo shows a rounder face and a more visible jawline.

When asked about it recently, Kelly stressed that she has never undergone any cosmetic surgery.
“Those are my photos. I took it when I was 15 years old. But I can’t explain why I don’t look like that anymore,” she said. “I know I looked chubbier in the past, but I never underwent any surgery.”
Nonetheless, the actress said that she won’t worry too much about the public opinion.
As for the person who shared the photos, Kelly said that she might knew who that person is, although she has no clue how he was able to get the photos.
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