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The official MV of Jay Chou and A-Mei’s first duet, “Shouldn’t Be”, has been released ahead of its schedule due to an online leak.

As reported on SETN, a rep of JVR Music disclosed that the MV, which was scheduled for release on 17 June, had to be published a day early, after a technical issue on Chinese digital music platform Kuwo caused the MV to be leaked to the fans earlier than scheduled.

The song is Jay and A-Mei’s first studio collaboration, although the two stars have previously performed together in various shows, according to China Times.
Jay stated, “We only sang at concerts previously, which is such a pity. So this time I wrote a song especially for us, factoring our voice range and the melody synchronisation. It’s really hard to write a duet.”
Meanwhile, A-Mei admitted that she was impressed upon hearing the song for the first time, and praised the singer-songwriter for a job well done.
“I felt very honoured that he invited me to sing with him. It’s really fun to see him sing in the recording studio,” she enthused.
“You know why it’s fun?” Jay chimed in. “Her studio is so luxurious, like a hotel room. I think I need to redecorate my studio.”
In related news, the song will also be used as the theme song of the upcoming Guo Jingming fantasy drama, “”Ice Fantasy”.