Jackie Chan wants Chinese productions to make more action movies that are heavy on the drama and cinematography rather than focusing merely on the stunts.

According to Oriental Daily, the action superstar, who launched the Jackie Chan Action Film Week at the Shanghai Film Festival recently, stated that he realised how much emphasis Chinese action movies put into its stunts rather than the storyline, after working in a lot of Hollywood films.

“Hollywood would pay attention to the storyline and cinematography ahead of the action scenes, but a lot of Hong Kong films focused more on stunts. Many of these films were made purely for the pursuit of excitement, which gives younger generation the wrong impression,” he said.
He even directed his criticism towards his own past films, saying that his stunts were so exaggerated that they almost looked fake.
“Looking back now, I really feel bad about them. I hope one day, I will be able to make a movie without any action scenes at all,” he added.
Jackie also revealed that he is currently writing a screenplay about himself and his decades of struggle.
(Photo source: orientaldaily.on.cc)