Action superstar Jackie Chan has no regret in signing former K-pop idol-turned-Chinese-star Kris Wu to his agency, despite the ongoing issues surrounding the latter.

As reported on IB Times, the actor, who announced the news at the Shanghai International Film Festival recently, stated, “Everybody has some kind of negative news about them one way or another. Even I have negative things written about me.”

Jackie himself has experienced several scandals throughout his career, including his estranged relationship with former girlfriend Elaine Ng and love child Etta, as well as his son Jaycee’s drug abuse.
The “Skiptrace” star added that the rumours will soon pass and that he will not rethink his decision in signing Kris because of it.
The former EXO member was recently plagued with sex scandals, after two unidentified women alleged online that Kris had blew them off after sleeping with them. The singer had since denied the allegations and threatened to sue any party who spread malicious rumours about him.
The actor is also still facing contractual dispute with his former Korean entertainment agency, SM Entertainment. Their latest arbitration meeting held last week was another failure.
Meanwhile, Jackie revealed that his agency will continue to sign fresh new talents in the future.
(Photo source: ent.sina.com.cn)