Rumour has it that Alibaba founder Jack Ma has won the bidding war for Faye Wong’s upcoming comeback concert.

As reported on Mingpao News, the Chinese billionaire reportedly paid RMB160 million (approx. USD24.2 million) for her two-day concert in December, and that one of the two shows will be a private performance for Ma and his close friends.

Ma, who admitted he is a big fan of the songstress, previously invited her to perform at Alibaba’s 2015 Global Shopping Festival. However, his invitation was declined by Faye, though the reason for her refusal was not reported. 
It was reported that tickets to Faye’s upcoming comeback concert may be the most expensive concert tickets to date, with the cheapest tickets costing at least RMB3000 (USD454).
Sources also claimed that the concert, which will be held on 29 and 30 December, will only be limited to Shanghai, as the singer has no plans to go on a tour anytime soon.
When asked about it recently, Faye’s manager Chen said that details of the upcoming concert will only be announced later on.
(Photo source: Tamako Sadako | dwnews.com)