Hong Kong singer Ivana Wong is showing solidarity with fellow singer Denise Ho by renouncing French cosmetic brand, Lancome, on Facebook.

As reported on Mingpao News, the singer recently posted a short message on her social media account, saying, “Lancome Bye Bye. Finished.”

In another post, Ivana expressed her thought about the recent issue concerning Denise Ho and Lancome, saying that there was a lack of respect in the brand’s statement when it denied reports supposing Denise to be its spokesperson and later cancelling its event in order to avoid the backlash it received from the mainland.
Ivana stated that while she can’t do anything about it, she can show support to her friend by renouncing the brand.
While Ivana’s words received support from some fans, others reminded her not to muddy the waters and politicise the situation further.
She later deleted the second message, although left the first one intact.
(Photo source: baccarat-magazine.com)