Rumours are rife that “The Gigolo” star Dominic Ho is making a move on Miss Hong Kong 2015, Louisa Mak.

As reported on On CC, the actor, who is currently working with the beauty queen on the new drama, “Casino Heroes”, has been showing concern for the newbie actress, especially during the unstable period of her relationship with Hong Kong lawyer, Joe Lam.

Netizens were quick to notice that Dominic defended Louisa upon the airing of her “A Starry Homecoming” episode, after Netizens blasted the former Cambridge student for being out of touch with viewers.
The actor also continuously posted photos of him with Louisa online. He even showed concern after Louisa’s recent asthma attacks, by posting a photo of her on Instagram, saying, “You really need to take care of yourself.”
Nonetheless, it seemed that Louisa’s fans are not supportive of her friendship with him, claiming that the actor was just using her to gain publicity for himself.
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