It’s hard to be the person who has to replace Stephen Chow in a movie that was partly popular because of his character, which is why Han Geng, the new Sun Wukong in the follow-up to the 1995 two-part movie, “A Chinese Odyssey”, wants you to not make any comparison between them.

As reported on 21CN, the actor, who appeared at the promotional event of the upcoming movie during the Shanghai International Film Festival recently, admitted that succeeding Stephen Chow in the role is a challenge in itself and that he nearly declined the offer when it was presented to him.

“Stephen’s version of the character had since become a classic, so I prefer that people not compare the two of us. Everybody already has their own ideas about what the Monkey King is, so the director asked me to give my own interpretation to the character. After much thought, I decided to do it,” he said.
Han also revealed that he shed nearly 20 pounds in just one month in order to become more agile. In addition to his drastic weight loss, the actor also received a high-intensity martial arts training and action choreography.
“It was very difficult,” he admitted.
“A Chinese Odyssey” also stars Xie Nan as Princess Iron Fang (originally played by Ada Choi), and Wu Jing as Longevity Monk Tang (originally played by Law Kar Ying). The movie is expected to be released in August.
(Photo source: people.com.cn)