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It has been four long years since we last saw Greyson Chance, and now the handsome young lad who was once a cute baby-face singer, is now 18, and was back in Malaysia to promote his new EP, image, as well as his new sound.

The talented singer was in Malaysia last Sunday, 19 June 2016, where he had put on an awesome live show called, “An Evening with Greyson Chance” at Sunway Putra Mall.

According to some bystanders, the fans whom Greyson affectionately refers to as ‘Enchancers’ – have been waiting in line since morning, as soon as the mall opened.

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Teenage Greyson has a huge amount of fans in Malaysia, and some of them have been his followers since his days of “Waiting Outside the Lines”.

Greyson found stardom after singing a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” which has almost 55 million views on YouTube, but Greyson took on a break for a while after his once cute voice started to crack and evolve into a mature and sexy deep tone.

“An Evening with Greyson Chance” showcase started around 9pm and the place was packed with fangirls (and a couple of fanboys!) ranging from the ages of 14 to 30.

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Some fans caught our attention with their creative and colourful signs, and the most notable one said “It’s Father’s Day, but I’m here ‘cause you’re my daddy”, to which Greyson responded with, “I love you, but I’m not your daddy”.

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Greyson started his showcase with a song straight from his latest EP, “Somewhere Over My Head” titled, “Afterlife”, accompanied by his amazing piano skills and soulful voice.

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As soon as the first song ended, Greyson requested for his piano sound to be increased because the screaming of the Enchancers were too overwhelming to the point that he was unable to hear his own piano notes.

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Greyson continued to perform more songs from his EP and a few new songs too, but the song that really got everyone there – including the bystanders – all hyped up, was when he revisited the past and performed his debut single, “Waiting Outside the Lines”.

Greyson presented the song in a different tune to suit his current vocal range, while the fans as well as non-fans kept on singing along to the nostalgic song.

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Greyson also invited a special guest to duet with him for the song “Back on the Wall”, and she was Nik Qistina, a new artiste from Universal Music Malaysia, who was voted by fans to perform with Greyson on stage.

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The harmony and voice chemistry between Greyson and Qistina was amazingly well-matched as Qistina possesses a high-pitched voice which is compatible with Greyson’s deep tone.

After performing for 40 minutes, Greyson wrapped up his showcase with an emotional slow track, “More Than Me”, before moving on to an autograph session with the fans.

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