Although the original Lancome show which she was called to perform at has been cancelled, Hong Kong singer-activist Denise Ho revealed recently that she will be holding her own concert at the same venue on the original scheduled date.

As reported on Mingpao News, the singer made the announcement on Facebook recently, saying that her concert, aptly titled “The Beauty of WE”, will be held on 19 June at Po Hing Fong (PoHo), Sheung Wan.

“We do not need to rely on anyone, we rely on our own,” wrote the singer. “We will face all fears. We refuse to be intimidated, we refuse to be defeated, and we refuse to be consumed again.”
Denise also assured her fans that the concert will be very safe – a statement which seems to be her response towards Lancome’s “safety reason” excuse for cancelling the previously scheduled show.
“Without politics, slogans, banners, no catchphrases, organisations, nor big companies. Only one individual after another, a freedom of a self-confident individual,” she said.
The show reportedly is a collaboration between the singer and eight small businesses of Sheung Wan’s PoHo community.
The French brand has no comment regarding the new concert.
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