denise ho
Hong Kong singer Denise Ho recently expressed her gratitude towards the international press for covering news about the recent incident involving her and French brand, Lancome.

As reported on SCMP, the singer, who was at the centre of the controversy surrounding the criticisms and protest against Lancome and its sudden cancellation of its promotional concert originally scheduled for 19 June, posted her thoughts about the coverage online, and stressed that the issue is not just about her and Lancome.

“This is about suppression and self-censorship that is affecting global market and brands, and the white terror that is spreading among our societies, working to silence all,” she wrote.
“It is a serious issue, and we Hongkongers refuse to succumb to such fear. I hereby urge all of you to stand up against it, and to fight for the basic human right that is the freedom of speech.”
The French brand recently became the subject of criticism after it decided to cancel an event where Denise was called to perform, following backlash and threats of boycott from pro-Beijing supporters, who are against the singer-turned activist for her vocal support of the Tibetan independence and Umbrella Movement.
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