Hong Kong singer Denise Ho has recently issued a statement on Facebook, criticising French brand Lancome for cancelling an event following pressure from both the pro-China and pro-independence groups. 

As reported on SCMP News, the singer-turned-activist, who was at the centre of the issue after mainlanders threatened to boycott the brand following its decision to hire Denise to perform at its event, stated that Lancome was seriously misleading the public and tarnishing her image and personal reputation.

Denise stated that while she understands that the decision was made by the brand’s head office in France, she felt the need for it to clear her name and explain its situation to the public, instead of citing “public safety” as the reason for cancelling the event.
She claimed that China’s ability to bring an international brand down to its knees is a serious distortion of the values of the world, and a problem that they must face together.
Lastly, she wrote, “Respect yourself, respect others. The Hong Kong people cannot lose the basic principle of life. Let us defend it together.” 
Denise Ho has been boycotted by the pro-China supporters ever since she expressed her vocal support for the Umbrella movement and Tibet independence. She, alongside Chapman To and fellow LGBT activist Raymond Wong, are among stars who were banned from mainland China. 
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