Having an English name or nickname, even if you’re Asian is pretty common and it certainly helps people remember you better, but whether it is in a good or bad way – that’s another question!

We all have that one or two friends with some really weird, silly or even inappropriate English names, which sometimes make us wonder how they even came up with the name in the first place.

This phenomenon most often occurs among non-English-speaking Chinese people who have all sort of funny and ‘colourful’ names which then cause other English-speaking people to make fun of them!

For example, we’ve heard of people naming themselves as Cherry, Apple, Kingdom, Yinnie, Hamster, Dicky and more.

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So, to solve this (hilarious) problem, American entrepreneur Lindsay Jernigan has created a website to help the Chinese people (especially in mainland China), to choose more appropriate and better-sounding names to avoid embarrassment.

According to The Telegraph, the 25-year-old businesswoman says that she has previously come across names like Lady Gaga, Twinkle, Pussy, Furry and Washing Liquid, while working in Shanghai.

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“Your name is your first impression, it is what people are going to remember you by, it is your personal brand. So if you have one that makes people uncomfortable or is just completely confusing then it is going to be a barrier in all future conversations, introductions or relationships,” she said.

For about USD20 plus, the site which Jernigan set up will help Chinese people select appropriate names via a quiz which will supplies the user with five automatically generated names.

Clients can also have a one-on-one consultation session with Jernigan herself for only USD30 plus.

The website was launched last year and has helped more than 40,000 people choose their names.

So, if you’re looking for a nice English name too, be sure to visit the website at bestenglishname.com.

(Main photo source: sina.com.cn)