The second week of Ramadhan is coming soon, have you got your Baju Raya ready?

In recent years, Jubah has been the trend for both Muslim men and women, and surprisingly the trend is still going strong until today.

It is undeniable that the modern Jubah has dominated the Muslim fashion industry, but that doesn’t mean that the traditional Baju Kurung Pesak or Baju Kurung Kebaya are now irrelevant as they have now been modernised too!

Here, we show you some latest trend taken from several famous Muslimah fashion brands, to give you some idea on what to wear this Raya.

Do you think the Jubah looks manly enough?
Minimalism at its best.
Nabil rocks the floral samping!
Tons of modern Jubahs!
The Baju Melayu comes in four different colours.
Shaheizy Sam looks classic but stylish.
The abstract Jubah looks simple but elegant.
8. Bikaya
The last piece (Right) seems to be the new trend right now.
Pastel colours makes you look younger!
Fazura looking classy and sophisticated with all the strong colours!
11. Afiq M
Plain and simple, but gorgeous at the same time!
Rizman Ruzaini fashion brand is known for its extravagant patterns!
Different stars have different styles, which one do you like best?
14. Vertaco
Simple and casual is the current trend.
The model looks so graceful in these Jubahs!

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