TVB actor Moses Chan recently revealed that wife Aimee Chan is set to make her acting comeback soon.

As reported on On CC, the actor, who appeared at an event in Sha Tin recently, stated that the actress has been working hard to get back in shape for her showbiz return.

“It’s almost time [for her to return]. You just need to wait for her to get back in shape. She still has a love for acting,” said Moses.
Aimee Chan was last seen on TV through the 2014 drama, “Ruse of Engagement”. The actress, who married actor Moses Chan in 2013, gave birth to her first son Aiden in December the same year, and was pregnant again with her second son not a year after childbirth. 
Later in 2015, the couple announced that Aimee is pregnant yet again while filming her supposed comeback movie, “Let’s Eat!”. Their third child and first daughter Camilla was born in April this year.
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