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Taiwanese songstress A-Mei has recently addressed matters concerning her past decision to reject a song from Jay Chou.

As reported on China Times, the singer, who recently worked with the Taiwanese multi-hyphenate on new song “Shouldn’t Be”, clarified the situation online, after realising the issue has turned into a subject of heated argument between her supporters and Jay’s fans.

She wrote, “I laughed when I saw people arguing about the past. In fact, I have always been good friends with Jay.”
“I had requested a song from him back in the past, but he playfully wrote me a fast song that was very difficult to sing, which was called “Ninja”. Since it didn’t match the album concept at the time, I decided not to take it,” she said.
However, A-Mei later recorded another song that Jay composed for her, “Have You Heard Lately?”, and stressed that there were no hard feelings between them.
Jay later recorded “Ninja” as part of his 2001 album, “Fantasy”.
(Photo source: chinatimes.com)