Twins’ member Charlene Choi was moved by the sweet gestures of her fans, who recently created a compilation video of the duo in celebration of their 15-year anniversary.

As reported on On CC, the singer expressed her gratitude for the thoughts and effort put into the video on the eve of the anniversary on 17 May, saying, “Although it’s not quite past 12am, I started to cry watching the fans’ video. Thank you to my dearest Gillian and all the fans for the past 15 years. Happy birthday, everyone!”

Charlene also revealed that the two of them are currently busy rehearsing for their upcoming concert in Guangzhou.
Gillian shared a photo with Charlene in a recording studio on 18 May, and wrote, “Today is a very meaningful day for us. That’s because we’re now in our 15th year! It wasn’t easy to come this far, so we’re thankful to all the fans!”
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