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A certain Chinese detergent ad has been circling the internet, and people are fuming over how racist it is!

Here’s how the commercial goes:-

A black man, who is covered with splatter of paints all over his face and shirt, walks into the room and starts flirting with a Chinese woman who is doing the laundry.

The woman lures him over to the washing machine, and while he tries to sneak a kiss, she slips a detergent packet into his mouth and pushes him into the washing machine.

When the washing is done, out comes a clean and handsome Chinese man – amazing isn’t it?

It is not known the origin of the ad which it is to promote Qiaobi-brand laundry detergent, but this is not the first time that the Chinese have discriminated against coloured people.

Remember the old Darlie toothpaste commercial, and how it previously featured a dark-skinned black male?

We also found that the Chinese ad is actually a straight-out rip-off of an Italian detergent ad, “Coloreria” which came out around 2006.

However, this ad is quite the opposite, as it embraces the tagline “Coloured is better”.

Here’s the thing, people are making a fuss about this viral Chinese commercial, but no one makes a sound when the Italian commercial came out. How strange!