Stephy Tang couldn’t help herself from tearing up upon mentioning ex-boyfriend Alex Fong’s recent interview.

As reported on Apple Daily, the singer, who admitted to have learned about Alex’s radio interview from her friends recently, stated that, “I still don’t want to talk much about him at this point. I am just hoping that the matter will subside first.”

Alex previously revealed that he still thinks of Stephy even after three months of breakup. The singer-actor admitted that it was difficult for him to let their ten-year relationship go despite their communication issue.
“I don’t know what to say,” said Stephy, when asked to give her comment regarding his interview. 
“I did get emotional after watching the news report about Alex thinking of me. But I really don’t want to contact him for now, because I am not sure how I will express myself.”
Stephy admitted that the two of them have never discussed marriage in private, although they often responded to it when asked by the media.
“I think what Alex said is right. We did have communication issue,” she said.
When asked if she is still in love with Alex, Stephy said, “There are many types of love. There are love between family members and love between friends. So you can’t say that we don’t love each other anymore.”