An overzealous male fan from Guangxi has recently been arrested by the police after attacking actress Crystal Liu during a promotional event for her new film, “Le Paon de Nuit”.

As reported on Tencent Entertainment, in an incident that was recorded by several fans at the event, the man in question was seen climbing up the stage and running towards Crystal as she greeted some of the fans who came to the event.

Fans screamed as the man violently embraced Crystal and knocked her to the ground, while staff members quickly came to her aid and carried her away. The overzealous fan was also subdued by the security and later arrested by the police.
A representative of the production had since shared Crystal’s condition, saying that the actress was not injured apart from a few scrapes on her arms and legs. The rep, however, admitted that Crystal was emotionally affected by the incident.
They also made a plea to fans to show respect and maintain their composure when meeting their favourite celebrity.
The incident is currently under police investigation. The Guangxi man reportedly told the production team that he was excited upon seeing Crystal on stage, and wanted to become her friend. 
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