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African-Norwegian duo Nico & Vinz was recently in Malaysia to perform at Electric Run 2016, alongside local big names such as SonaOne, H3, Twinkies and ABeatC.

Formerly known as Envy, the songwriting duo, made up of Kahouly Nicolay “Nico” Sereba and Vincent “Vinz” Dery, later changed their band name to Nico & Vinz after signing with Warner Bros. Records.

During their visit in Malaysia, Nico & Vinz was also honoured with plaques, presented to them by Managing Director of Warner Music Malaysia Darren Choy at the office of Warner Music Malaysia, to commemorate their smash hit, “Am I Wrong”, reaching 6x platinum in Malaysia.
Read on below to see what TheHive.Asia managed to have a little chat about with Nico & Vinz.
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Nico & Vinz reaches 6x platinum in Malaysia with “Am I Wrong”.
It has been two years since you reached international success with “Am I Wrong”, have you ever thought of giving up before reaching that level of success?
Vinz: Not exactly giving up. From 2010 to 2013, those three years people weren’t paying attention to us. We would try to make things happen and do shows and people weren’t picking up. It was tough. We weren’t at the point where we wanted to give up making music, but it was just tiresome. We put so much time, so much money and we didn’t even really have money anyway. Whatever we had we invested in our shows, we couldn’t see any money coming back for a long time. But then you get all those low points and you write about it and all of a sudden, that song that you write about your frustration is the song that takes you to – Malaysia (laughs).
Have the thoughts of going solo ever entered your minds?
Nico: Not really. Since we started we’ve always had this thing where we felt like the music that we have right now is going very well because we are together, because I give what I have to the melting pot and he gave what he has. We think that we are strong artists individually also and we can have our own individual expression. But together is where we’re the strongest right now. That’s definitely what we’re focusing on right now, keeping Nico and Vinz working and rolling, making a lot of music. 
We don’t see us splitting up in the future but who knows maybe we’ll do our own solo projects because we have different interests. Maybe it’s not even music, maybe I’ll do something in film, he’ll do something in acting and then who knows, God only knows where life takes you but the music is now definitely Nico and Vinz, as a group.

Nico & Vinz wants to work with Yuna and SonaOne.
Have you ever worked with any Malaysian artistes? Who would you like to work with, given the chance? 
Nico: We’ve never worked with any. We were supposed to go into the studio with Yuna. She reached out to us before we came. But right now she’s in LA, where we stay, and we’re here, so unfortunately (laughs). If we can make it happen we’d definitely work with her in the future.
Any other Malaysian artistes you would like to work with?
Nico: We saw a really dope one at the Electric Run festival. There was one guy before us, SonaOne. He was good but we haven’t made any plans yet, we gotta know when to come back first.
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Nico (left) and Vinz were in Malaysia for Electric Run.
Is this your first time taking part in Electric Run? How was the experience? 
Vinz: Yes and I think for us being the artistes that we are, it’s an important part being able to be on stage and be as active as we are as well, especially in Electric Run too. I think the audience got to see a lot of our energy. We were able to play a lot of our music and we played some new songs. 
What are the songs you have been working on? 

Vinz: DJ SpinKing, we did a new song with him, “League of Your Own”. We also did a song with Alesso called “I Wanna Know” and we just try to work with as many people as we can, all these people that we admire, we try to reach out to them. We just met Akon at Coachella, and the following week went into the studio with Akon.
Any plans for an album soon?
Nico: It [album] will come. But right now like Vinz said we’re just going to focus on our songs, first and foremost. And one day it’ll be an album for sure.

Check out Nico & Vinz’s latest single, “That’s How You Know”, featuring Kid Ink and Bebe Rexha: