Not everybody was happy to hear that the ban on Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, who was prohibited from working in China after his 2014 drug charges, has been lifted.

As reported on Liberty Times News, last week, Ko’s manager Angie Chai confirmed the news that the actor will be playing a police officer during the Japanese occupation in his comeback drama, “Wu Ying”.

Ko reportedly received an offer over NTD100 million to work in the production, which has started filming in Hengdian last week.
However, Chinese Netizens seemed to have not taken the news quite well, as many quickly took to social media to express their feeling, saying that it was a travesty that Ko, who was a drug addict, was given the role of a policeman in the drama.
“A former drug addict playing a police officer? I feel sorry for the anti-narcotic force,” said one Netizen.
“I am not saying that a drug user cannot be rehabilitated, but giving them the role of a police officer is too much,” said another.
On the other hand, Ko’s fans expressed their support for the actor, saying that the outside world should give Ko the chance to prove himself once again.
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