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You’ve probably heard of the social media star, Anucha “Cha” Saengchart, known for his hilarious low-cost cosplay of famous characters and people!

Now, meet the queen of low-cost yet elegant cosplay, Sine Benjaphorn, the store owner of an online clothing store for plus-size women who becomes viral all over the internet last week with her creative interpretation of actress Chompoo Araya’s red carpet look at Cannes Film Festival.

While the actress donned a blush pink ball gown with ribbon ruffles cascading over a structured corolla train, Sine wore a dress made out of bags of prawn crackers!

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How did she even sit on these?!

The photo broke the internet overnight with more than 11 thousand shares.

According to Coconuts Bangkok, Sine started the hilarious series of low-cost cosplay to promote her online store, Framsook Lek Lek, and she is shocked to find out how much attention her dress has gotten her into.

“I’m shocked. I never thought this many people would share my photo. And I’m on every news channel,” she said.

Check out some of her best works!

No need to use hair extensions!

We don’t really get how this adds up!

Is she wearing a recycle bag?

Not bad!

The fork and the juice drinks…*speechless*

This one looks nice, she kind of looks better than Chloe.

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Guess she doesn’t have any checkered skirt.

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Those are not hands!

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This looks adorable, and most importantly – normal!

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See the tape?