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What do you do when you suddenly find AUD4.6 million in your bank account?

Ask Christine Jiaxin Lee, the Malaysian woman living in Sydney who discovered the amount under her name four years ago, AND had spent AUD3.3 million of it on designer handbags and cash transfers all in just one year!

This might sound like a dream come true for most, but authorities had finally tracked the chemical engineering degree student down and arrested her at Sydney Airport as she was trying to catch a flight home to Malaysia.  

Now 21-years-old, it’s amazing to think how Christine thought that she wouldn’t get caught at all and had so confidently spent the bulk of the moo-lah that was mistakenly given to her as overdraft in her Westpac bank account back in 2012.

However, if our calculations are right, four years ago would mean that Christine was only 17-years-old when she received the AUD4.6 million, so could we blame adolescent naivety for her lapse of clear judgement?

Guys, come on.. We all know how girls can get when it comes to shopping, right?

So, after spending a night in jail following her airport arrest on 4 May 2016, Christine had to go to court where she was granted bail under the condition that she would have to surrender her passport and report twice to the police, daily.

Apparently, she didn’t even have to spend the night in jail after her arrest if her boyfriend, Vincent King (also Malaysian) brought his passport to the police station.

The Dailymail UK says that he only brought along his Malaysian ID and police could not verify his identity, thus refusing her AUD1,000 bail. There was also a misspelling on her bail address, further complicating matters.

Christine will be attending court this week, to find out what’s next following her situation.

The Dailymail UK also added that Christine had not returned any of the bank’s calls or emails to her all this while, however Magistrate Lisa Stapleton was quoted saying, “It’s not proceeds of crime. It’s money we all dream about. She didn’t take it from (the bank). They gave it to her.”

However Stapleton did say that if that was proven to be true, then Christine would just owe the money to the court without actually breaking the law.

What would YOU do if you found AUD4.6 million in your bank account?