It hasn’t been smooth-sailing for Leon Lai and his nine-show concert, “Leon 30th Anniversary Random Love Songs in 4D Live”, as one misfortune after another has befallen the singer, as reported on Mingpao News.

First his record label was sued by a floral company for breaching their contract. Then his first show on 28 April was cancelled due to failure to meet fire safety standard.

On his next performance, one of the stage’s curtains could not be raised, and fans on one particular side weren’t able to see his performance until it was repaired later on.
On 3 May, Leon had to fight the element, as strong wind blew and torrential rain continued to pour. He even rode the Ferris wheel with four lucky fans before the show, although the singer admitted that he was afraid of heights.
Despite the many obstacles, the singer was able stay strong, and expressed his gratitude to the fans for their support.
(Photo source: ol.mingpao.com)